Our Business Ethics

Our Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Leica Geosystems encourage a culture of integrity in our business practices – these practices embody a commitment to quality, a concern for the environment and fair dealings with employees, customers, vendors and the community.  

We believe in doing business responsibly and this is a commitment that our people live by every day. We pledge to uphold and ensure the integrity of our company at all times and respect the laws, rules and regulations in the countries where we operate our business.

We want to create value for our internal and external stakeholders by delivering long-term profitability and sustainable competitiveness. This can only be achieved by doing business responsibly. We encourage you to read our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which outlines the framework for Leica Geosystems’ approach to these important topics.

Through Leica Geosystems’ globally operating business entities, we are supporting philanthropic activities and charitable organisations, in order to benefit the local communities in which we operate.

We are proud to partner with universities, vocational schools and higher education institutions to support the development of the future talents of tomorrow through our involvement with education programs, advisory panels and sponsored forums and events.

Social Responsibility

EEO & Diversity

At Leica Geosystems, we recognise that to produce work of a high quality, to maintain our reputation for innovation and creativity and to understand and deliver on commitments to our customers, we need to fully embrace the skills, talent and knowledge that only a diverse workforce can provide.

As a global organisation, we recognise and respect each other’s differences and strive to build a working environment where our different values and perspectives are actively harnessed to create the best solutions for our equally diverse customer base.

We will work to ensure that everyone feels their contribution is valued and their successes are celebrated. Professional development and career progression opportunities are available to those who seek them and are based on merit.

The diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce is supported by our position on sustainability and human rights. Our employment and recruitment practices will adhere to and strive to exceed, local legislation wherever we work in the world.

Leica Geosystems’ principles of diversity and inclusion extend to our clients, our suppliers and other external stakeholders with whom we choose to engage.

Health & Safety

Safety is more than just following rules. It is about attitude, discipline, the safe management of people and equipment and the ability to prevent hazards and control risk.

We aim to provide workplaces that are free of incidents and injuries and to promote a culture of hazard identification and awareness, incident reporting and self-accountability. This can only be achieved through consultation and co-operation by all.

There can be no compromise with safety and accident prevention in the workplace. We consider our commitment to be vital to the ultimate success of our business operations and an integral part of management’s overall responsibilities. We operate our business responsibly and ethically and comply with statutory requirements at all times.

Employees are provided with appropriate training and safe equipment to perform their job safely. Each employee is personally responsible for working in a safe manner, following all health and safety policies and procedures, participating in training and identifying and reporting any health and safety issues and hazards to management or the relevant internal stakeholders.

Hazards to health and safety will be removed or, where this is not practicable, they will be managed so as to prevent injury, illness and dangerous occurrences. Accidents and incidents in the workplace will be investigated and changes implemented where necessary to eliminate or control identified risks.

Leica Geosystems encourages meaningful consultation between management and employees on matters affecting health and safety and will provide the necessary resources to meet our health and safety obligations.

Job Openings

This page will guides you to our job search – here you will be able to create your individual candidate profile. Talk to us about a career with Leica Geosystems today.


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